Time & Oak Signature Whiskey Elements - Barrel-aged Flavor Enhancer

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Time & Oak Signature Whiskey Elements - Barrel-aged Flavor Enhancer

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Time & Oak Signature Whiskey Elements - Barrel-aged Flavor Enhancer


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All natural, white oak tools enhance barrel-aged flavor and color in as little as 24 hours. Add one element to a 750 ml. bottle, and taste regularly.

  • Time and Oak’s Signature Whiskey Elements are all natural, laser-cut, made-in-the-U.S.A white oak tools that turn drinking whiskey into top-shelf occasion whiskey. This set includes 2 Whiskey Elements, meaning there’s enough for plenty of cheers to go around.
  • HOW IT WORKS – Top shelf whiskey spends years inside a wooden barrel. The charred wood of the barrel gives the whiskey flavor and color while extracting a lot of harmful chemicals like the hang-over causing Acidtaldehyde. There’s a lot more whiskey than barrel, so this process takes a long time. Whiskey Elements allow you to put the barrel in the whiskey, turning years into hours and, most importantly, saving you dollars.
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE – This process isn’t demanding, and we tend to think our Whiskey Elements add a little something to the look of a bottle as well. Here’s what you do: open any 750ml bottle of whiskey, drop in one of our Whiskey Elements, and wait 24 hours. After that, you’re ready to sip.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTS – Our elements are engineered for increased surface area. Their finger groove design allows for greater wood-to-whiskey contact and therefore better, smoother whiskey. Laser-cut from pure American White Oak and heated in food grade-industrial ovens, Time and Oak’s Signature Whiskey Elements bring out specific natural flavors inherent in the wood, reduce sediment, and attract (and therefore extract) hang-over causing Acidtaldehyde compounds better than any competitor.
  • RELIABLE AND VERSATILE – Turn a $20 bottle into a $60 bottle, or a $60 bottle into a $200 bottle. Our elements work with a range of whiskeys in both quality and type. They can be used with Irish whiskeys, Canadian whiskeys, Rye whiskeys, as well as bourbon, single malts, and scotch. Makes a great gift whether it’s for you or someone else, no matter your preference. Set includes 2 Whiskey Elements for multiple occasions.

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