Magnetic Induction Speaker

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Magnetic Induction Speaker

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Magnetic Induction Speaker




The Magnetic Induction Speaker brings volume and clarity to any of your mobile devices, all without the hassles of cables or wireless connections. Using a little magnetic magic, the speaker picks up the vibrations from your device’s built-in speaker and amplifies them throughout the room – it’s that simple. Small size and ease of use make this a must for your upcoming travels or a relaxing weekend.


How it Works:

  • Just place your device on the stand with the internal speaker close to one the induction points.
  • The induction points are located behind the rubberized fascia.
  • The sound from your device is "magically" amplified - no wires, no configuration.
  • The speaker volume is controlled by your device volume control.

Additional Information

SKU 146848
Style Number GP420 420-SPEAKER