Hobo Warranty

At Hobo, quality is the hallmark of our business. We are recognized for offering merchandise that has been carefully designed and produced to meet our high standards. It is our intention that our guarantee be as highly regarded as our products.

Guarantee: We are a concerned manufacturer who stands behind its products. We will repair, at our cost, any manufacturing defect within 1 year of purchase. Examples of qualified manufacturing defects include problems with zipper construction, loose stitching, hardware or lining. These claims should be directed to an authorized Hobo dealer or a Hobo customer service representative. Hobo will promptly repair the item. If repair is not possible, a replacement of equal value will be provided.

Proper care of your Hobo piece will ensure lasting beauty, even after years of wear. Please be thoughtful with light colored clothing and upholstery to avoid color transfer. Should your bag become wet, wipe it with a clean cotton cloth and allow it to air dry away from direct heat or sunlight. As with any leather accessory, wear and tear will occur with normal use. It should be expected that over time leather may fade or spot and that edges and corners may show signs of wear. This is a natural and normal process and is not covered by the Hobo guarantee. Regrettably, we also cannot guarantee or replace products damaged by abuse or mishandling; including exposure to moisture, severe tears in leather or lining and ink marks or stains. We are happy to recommend solutions for improving your bag’s appearance should natural wear and tear diminish its condition. We also offer replacement straps for styles that are equipped with detachable straps.