Garment Bags

Garment bags are an essential piece of luggage for any professional traveling with a suit. Mori has suit bags and dress bags from the world’s favorite luggage brands, including Tumi, Bric’s and Delsey, as well as our own beautiful Dorado leather garment bag. Never worry about wrinkling your suit or having your dress fall to the bottom of your suitcase; these lightweight and easy-to-carry bags provide the safest bet for getting clothes from A to B wrinkle-free. Shop below or learn helpful tips with our Garment Bag Buyer's Guide.
  • Tumi

    Alpha 2 - 4 Wheeled Extended Trip Garment Bag- Black

  • Tumi

    Alpha 2 - 4 Wheeled Medium Trip Garment Bag

  • Tumi

    Alpha 2 Carry-On 4 Wheeled Garment Bag



  • Tumi

    Alpha 2 Classic Garment Bag

  • Tumi

    Alpha 2 Tri-fold Carry-on Garment Bag