Lokai Fuchsia Bracelet

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Lokai Fuchsia Bracelet

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Lokai Fuchsia Bracelet




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Find your balance with the Fuschia Pink Lokai Bracelet. The white bead is infused with water from Mt. Everest - the highest place on Earth, and the black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea - the lowest place on Earth. These extreme elements serve as a reminder to live a balanced life during your highs and lows.

For Breast Cancer Awareness, Lokai has partnered with BCRF to create the Breast Cancer Awareness Lokai Bracelet and fund research for a cure. Dr. Heather McArthur was the beneficiary of Lokai’s 2016 grant and is studying an immune-based therapeutic strategy that includes stimulation of an individual’s immune system to improve breast cancer outcomes for all tumor types. 

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to achieving prevention and a cure for breast cancer. BCRF provides critical funding to top cancer researchers worldwide to fuel advances in tumor biology, genetics, prevention, treatment, metastasis and survivorship. Since 1993, BCRF-supported investigators have been deeply involved in every single major breakthrough in breast cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment, & survivorship.


SMALL: 6" in circumference. Usually fits adolescents and women with thin wrists.
MEDIUM: 6.5" in circumference. Usually fits teenage boys and the average woman.
LARGE: 7" in circumference. Usually fits the average man.
X-LARGE: : 7.5" in circumference. Usually fits the largest wrists.

Lokai is a socially responsible lifestyle brand with products that act as reminders to find balance. Lokai infuses its trademark bracelets with elements sourced from the highest and lowest points on Earth - water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea. The Lokai lifestyle is devoted to finding balance, sharing success during life's peaks and gaining perspecitive during lows. Lokai believes that giving back brings balance, so they donate 10% of net profits to charity partners. The Lokai circle has made a huge impact and raised millions of dollars for various charities - funding schools, building clean water wells, supporting research for diseases, and so much more.

Mori Luggage & Gifts is an authorized dealer of official Lokai products.

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Style Number L50 FUCHSIA MD
Brand Lokai

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