The Ultimate Guide to Packing Like a Pro


Traveling is a beautiful thing. It allows us the chance to see the world and to experience new cultures. A trip away from our day-to-day brings about a joy unlike most anything else, and we love it.

But it doesn’t come without a dose of hard work and much-needed planning. And at the core of it all is one of the greatest love-hate relationships found the world over: packing.

Whether we’re world travelers or humble homebodies, we all know the worry that comes along with packing for a trip. Will we bring enough? Will it all fit? What if something goes wrong? And worst of all, what happens if our luggage gets lost?

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The Ultimate Guide to Renting a Car: Rental Car Tips to Save You Time & Money

Car Rental at Airport

Renting a car is one of the most baffling and daunting tasks facing many modern travelers.

Think of all the variables involved in booking a simple roundtrip flight, then consider that renting a car also involves choosing a model, paying for gas, considering several different insurance options and weighing return times.

What’s worse, rental car companies aren’t subject to the same strict guidelines as the airlines are; it’s much easier for them to conceal fees and tack on hidden charges before the final bill comes due.

Yet renting a car still remains a staple of many cross-country trips, whether you’re on a family vacation and need to lug around a couple of kids or a business trip where you’ll be on the move for much of your stay.

With that said, here is (almost) everything you need to make renting a car just a little bit easier.

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How to Pack for a Family Vacation

How to Pack for a Family Vacation - Mori Luggage

Packing for one person can already be a challenging proposition. Factor in packing for your spouse and kids, and possibly the dog, too, and you’ve got a full-fledged mess on your hands! But don’t worry, we have some great tips and tricks passed down from mothers, fathers, and traveling experts on how to pack for the whole family.

Good luck and have a safe trip!

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10 of the Creepiest, Most Curious and Esoteric Places from Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura Logo

Miniature cities. Secret libraries. Bone churches. These are things we expect to read about in a comic book or watch in a horror movie. However, Atlas Obscura shows us that these things exist in a world just outside our window.

A definitive guide to the world’s most wondrous and curious places, Atlas Obscura is a collaborative project where people share tales of fascinating people, places, things, and ideas from around the world. We figured that Halloween was the perfect time to spotlight some of the creepiest and most curious places that Atlas Obscura has shared with us over the years.

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Our Oktoberfest Guide to America’s Great Craft Breweries

Oktoberfest Beer Girl

Photo by Markburger83 / Wikipedia

Though it began in Munich, Germany, Oktoberfest has been embraced by cultures all over the world, especially in the United States. The sixteen day festival brings people together to celebrate great food, great culture, and, of course, great beer.

When German immigrants first began coming to our country, they brought with them their customs, traditions, and their unrivaled love of rich brews. German-style breweries began to pop up in places such as St. Louis, Milwaukee, and around the country where the immigrants staked their claim.

While the brewing industry has largely come to be controlled by big business, many small, regional, and growing microbreweries have gained extreme popularity across the country in recent years, inspired by those early immigrants.

In honor of Oktoberfest, here are our picks for America’s best craft breweries. Pick up a six-pack at your local liquor store, or better yet, enjoy these fine microbrews in person with an Oktoberfest road trip.

Happy tasting!

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