Everything You Need to Know About Airline Carry-On Bag Sizes, Rules & Fees

Carry On Bag Limits by Airline - Mori Luggage

If there’s one thing that remains constant in air travel regulations, it’s change. From security guidelines to airline luggage restrictions, it’s an ever-evolving arena that’s sure to keep you on your toes long before you’re in the air.

In order to prevent avoidable delays at the airport, it’s critical to stay informed about and prepared for the latest rules and regulations. Today we’re talking carry-on bag rules, which – to make it even more frustrating – can vary widely between airlines. With this definitive guide on rules, size, and fees, Mori makes it easy for you to get the carry-on luggage information you need before you board your flight.

Below, we’ve broken down the 10 most popular major airline and low-cost carriers that fly within the United States and abroad. All of the airlines listed permit travel with a free personal item. Review the chart to find out which airlines charge fees for carry-on bags, their specific size requirements, and measurements for the ubiquitous “personal item.”

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A Case for Giving

We often look at luggage from the perspective of the world traveler. We talk about varying features, we discuss style comparisons and we even give advice on finding a bag that makes for a perfect fit.

But the reality is luggage can carry a much deeper meaning beyond travel — and a deeper meaning for the people you’d probably least expect.

That’s why we’ve chosen to be a part of A Case for Giving, an initiative from Briggs & Riley that aims to give new life to gently used luggage from around the world. Continue reading “A Case for Giving” »

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Like a Pro


Traveling is a beautiful thing. It allows us the chance to see the world and to experience new cultures. A trip away from our day-to-day brings about a joy unlike most anything else, and we love it.

But it doesn’t come without a dose of hard work and much-needed planning. And at the core of it all is one of the greatest love-hate relationships found the world over: packing.

Whether we’re world travelers or humble homebodies, we all know the worry that comes along with packing for a trip. Will we bring enough? Will it all fit? What if something goes wrong? And worst of all, what happens if our luggage gets lost?

We believe travel should be an adventure, not another stress on your life. So today we’re digging into the details of packing like a pro — and hopefully easing some nerves in the process! Continue reading “The Ultimate Guide to Packing Like a Pro” »

How to Choose the Right Carry-On Bag


Over the last few years, carry-on luggage has exploded in popularity. Until recently, a carry-on bag was only used for a few personal items or extra clothes in case your luggage was lost. Today, with the advent of airlines charging up to $100 for each checked bag, they have become the only piece of luggage many travelers carry.

However, picking the right piece of carry-on luggage isn’t an easy task. With so many options and so many airport regulations, it can all be a bit bewildering. If your old Samsonite or American Tourister won’t work, or if you’re in the market for a new bag, here is a little information to guide you to your next carry-on bag — as well as tips for getting it through the airport.

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How to Buy: Hardside Luggage

Let’s be honest. At one point or another, we’ve all considered the possibility of buying hardside luggage. It’s difficult not to when you see the sleek designs roll past you during your travels. And whether it’s out of a want to change things up or a genuine need to keep your belongings safe, we’re here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

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