How To Buy: Wheeled Luggage

Wheeled Lugage Guide - Mori Luggage

Wheeled luggage has been a godsend to travelers trying to move quickly and efficiently through airports and around the world. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding a quality wheeled suitcase, consumers face a lot of bumps along the way.

Wheeled suitcases have more parts, which means there are more things that can potentially break. In addition, because wheeled suitcases are pushed, pulled and dragged around, they take a little more abuse than non-wheeled luggage. This makes it difficult for travelers to find a bag that will be with them for the long haul.

This guide will help you make an informed decision when purchasing your next piece of wheeled luggage. It contains insights and practical advice on how to buy wheeled luggage that will suit your travel needs for years to come.

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Everything You Need to Know About Airline Carry-On Bag Sizes, Rules & Fees

Carry On Bag Limits by Airline - Mori Luggage

If there’s one thing that remains constant in air travel regulations, it’s change. From security guidelines to airline luggage restrictions, it’s an ever-evolving arena that’s sure to keep you on your toes long before you’re in the air.

In order to prevent avoidable delays at the airport, it’s critical to stay informed about and prepared for the latest rules and regulations. Today we’re talking carry-on bag rules, which – to make it even more frustrating – can vary widely between airlines. With this definitive guide on rules, size, and fees, Mori makes it easy for you to get the carry-on luggage information you need before you board your flight.

Below, we’ve broken down the 10 most popular major airline and low-cost carriers that fly within the United States and abroad. All of the airlines listed permit travel with a free personal item. Review the chart to find out which airlines charge fees for carry-on bags, their specific size requirements, and measurements for the ubiquitous “personal item.”

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How to choose the right backpack for school

Back to school season is here and we are here to help you find the right backpack to carry all your gear. Choosing a backpack to use as your everyday bag to haul your gear is a sensible choice. Backpacks are worn on your back with two straps over your shoulders and provide an ample amount of space for your school essentials. To help you arrive at a suitable decision about your backpack, this quick guide will look at the various things to consider when deciding on your perfect bag.


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Giving Luggage as a Gift? Our Top Tips & Luggage Gift Ideas


Gift giving is a beloved tradition around the world. Whether it’s part of celebrating a holiday or simply choosing to honor someone we care about, giving a gift has become just another way to show our appreciation for the people in our lives.

Gifts, of course, come in all shapes and sizes. Some are extravagant, others are sentimental. Some are traditional, others are inventive.

So, who’s to say luggage can’t fit the bill? With the right amount of care and a touch of creativity, we think luggage can make for the perfect gift. Check out our top luggage gift ideas! Continue reading “Giving Luggage as a Gift? Our Top Tips & Luggage Gift Ideas” »

What Luggage Flight Attendants, Pilots and Flight Crews Use

Traveling Light & Rolling Luggage through the Airport

We’ve all been there: trawling through page after page of luggage options, flip-flopping between our wants and needs as we attempt to pick out our newest travel companion. On some days we favor practicality. Others, design and appearance. In the end, it all comes down to a matter of picking out the gear that best fits our travel needs.

But, we’ve also learned that flying blind with big purchases can be a bit daunting. So we’re here today to take a look at what the most frequent of flyers tote along on their travels every day. From flight crews to seasoned pilots, here’s a rundown of the luggage the world of world travelers calls its own. Continue reading “What Luggage Flight Attendants, Pilots and Flight Crews Use” »