Office Gifts


Everyone has someone at their job they think is pretty special. A cubicle buddy, work spouse or mentor, these people make our lives better either through guidance, putting in some extra effort on a project or just making the day go a little faster.

And, when showing your gratitude to these magical co-workers, you want to give them something a little more special than a mug with the company logo. Here are a few token items that show your appreciation, while staying under the company price cap on gifts.


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The Man of the Hour!

Lately, all of us here at Mori Luggage & Gifts have a crush. His name is Adam and he’s the doodles man!!

You ask…who and what is this Adam you speak of??? Adam is the jack of all trades, made of metal wiring, he’s ready to do whatever you ask of him and he doesn’t even talk back!! He’s the perfect man if you ask me!!

Well without further adieu, let me present to you ADAM!!!

Adam the Doodles Man. He’s got some beautiful handwriting, right?

He ponders the world’s problems! Such a little thinker!

He’s there when you need a hand!


Adam’s ready to listen when you’ve had a tough day at work!

He even offers you Mori Money! Who doesn’t love a deal?

So helpful with the little ones!!

Thanks for visiting! Come get me for only $24.95!!