Top 5 Backpacks For Girls

Top 5 Backpacks for girls

As the summer sun is cooling down for the onset of fall we started thinking about what the new trends would be for the upcoming season. To help you stay ahead, we have selected the top 5 girls’ backpacks for fall 2015. These backpacks will serve your various needs whether it’s for back to school, staying overnight at your girlfriend’s house, or even as a carry-on bag. Continue reading “Top 5 Backpacks For Girls” »

How to choose the right backpack for school

Back to school season is here and we are here to help you find the right backpack to carry all your gear. Choosing a backpack to use as your everyday bag to haul your gear is a sensible choice. Backpacks are worn on your back with two straps over your shoulders and provide an ample amount of space for your school essentials. To help you arrive at a suitable decision about your backpack, this quick guide will look at the various things to consider when deciding on your perfect bag.


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The Cool Kid’s School Backpack Buying Guide

Kids running with school backpacks

Back to school is upon us, and with it comes back to school shopping!

And, what’s the most important item on the list? While some would say it’s the clothes or the glitter pens, we believe school backpacks can never get enough love. This bag is responsible for helping your child commute daily back and forth to school with all their pens, pencils, papers and books. It also takes more punishment than most luggage. That’s why it’s important to find the right backpack for the back to school season.

We’ve created a school backpack buying guide that includes some insightful tips to help you make the best decision for you child this back to school season.

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