Father’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts For Great Dads

I know you’re trying hard for the Pinterest perfect Father’s Day. You want your kids to make something meaningful but ugh, school’s out so that means the mess will be made in your kitchen instead of Art Class. How cute would it be to make him something with your child’s handprint but you just know the handprint will end up on the wall instead of the paper so . . .

Mori Luggage Fathers Day Gift Guide

It’s OK, really, to get him a gift. It doesn’t have to be a mug. It can be something meaningful and thoughtful. Whether your guy is serious or silly (or both), outdoorsy or prefers to geek out with his X-box, we have a few ideas for you:

2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Mori Luggage Fathers Day Gift Guide

Classic Dads


Dorado 18” Leather Duffel – Best Seller!

Nothing says classic like a leather duffel. If your classic dad doesn’t already have one, it’s time.


Classico Leather Portable Snap Valet Tray – Customizable!

All dads need a place to empty out their pockets. Why not gift this simple, sophisticated valet tray?

Dorado Leather Shave Kit

Some things never go out of style for a dad who’s classic. A fancy shave kit is one of those things.

Hipster Dads


Filson Original Briefcase

Know a dad who sports a man bun and just ordered his first romper? This is his kind of briefcase.

Dopp Small 6 Piece Manicure Set

No hipster dad would be caught without well-groomed nails. This kit is perfect to keep in the car or throw in a briefcase or backpack.

Great Outdoors Dads


Eno Doublenest Hammock

If the dad you love is a camping-going, nature-lovin’, adventure-seeking kind of guy, he needs an Eno hammock.

Biolite Powerlight Mini

Outdoorsy dads need things that serve more than one purpose, like this nifty (that’s dad-speak for “cool”) portable light that also charges his phone.


Gadget Dads


Explorer Space Pen

Make dad the envy of other gadget dads with a pen that writes anywhere – even underwater!

Speks Rare Earth Building Magnets

If he’s the kind of dad who owns a fidget spinner or two, then he’ll love these fidgety, stress-relieving magnets.

Top Exec Dads


Dorado Leather Express Scan Briefcase

A tried-and-true leather briefcase is ideal for dads who need something reliable and durable for work, and want to look good too.

Leather Letter Size Pad Holder

Know a dad who’s moving up in his career and needs to look the part? This sleek and traditional padfolio is a must-have.

Always Prepared Dads


Pocket Monkey

Does your dad have a solution for any situation? This nifty little tool has 12 different functions, but I’m sure the always-prepared dad can come up with a few more.

Victorinox VX Sport Trooper Deluxe Laptop Backpack

Help dad arrive prepared with the right kind of bag to carry all he needs on his next outing.


For our full selection of dad gifts, check out our Father’s Day Gift Guide collection section of our online store. Whatever you decide to get dad this year, we know he’ll love it.