The Ultimate KAVU Bag Guide

How Do You KAVU? The Ultimate KAVU Bag Guide


If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a good day bag, you’ve probably come across a KAVU (pronounce KA as in “cat” and VU as in “shoe”). Described as “true outdoor wear” and the go-to bag when adventure calls, the KAVU line of bags are colorful, functional, modern, and reliable. It’s everything you want in a travel partner, whether you’re trekking through the mountains or just up to the local playground.

With all the hype and popularity surrounding KAVU bags, we come across lots of questions too. Perhaps it’s the funny name (it’s an acronym for Klear Above Visibility Unlimited) or the seemingly unlimited variety of styles – is there really a difference between the rope and rope sling bag?? (Yes there is; we’ll get to that.) You have questions – Mori has answers. Oh, and we also have KAVU bags – check out our selection!


All About KAVU Bags


Most Popular KAVU Bags

There are dozens of KAVU bags in a dizzying array of sizes, patterns, and styles, but a few stand out as the most sought-after. Check it out:

  • Rope Bag – 11” x 20”, cotton canvas, adjustable rope shoulder strap, two vertical zip compartments, two key or cell phone pockets, and a padded back
  • Rope Sling Bag – same as above, but made of 100% polyester for added durability and water resistance
  • Keeper – 9” x 11”, cotton canvas, front zip pocket and flap pocket, rear full-length pocket, adjustable strap

Mori also carries the KAVU Paxton Pack, Pack-It Backpack, and Roper bags.


What will a KAVU bag hold?

Hopes, dreams, promise of a new day… Oh, you mean literally. Truthfully, a KAVU bag is so versatile, there are few limitations on what you can put in it. Before we can tell you what to put in a KAVU rope bag, it’s important to understand how big each bag style is. The KAVU rope bag and rope sling bag both measure 11” x 20” and despite the slim and sleek fit, our customers are consistently surprised at how much fits in them! Use either style as a purse or gym bag; to pack lunch and necessities for a day outing; to tote beach day accessories; or as an everyday bag to and from work (both are large enough for tablets and some laptops). Both bag styles also feature two exterior pockets – one closes with hook and loop and is perfect for a smartphone, and the other is slightly larger and zippered, a safe spot for keys – as well as one small interior zippered pocket.

The KAVU crossbody bags, like the Keeper at 9” x 11” and the Sidewinder at 10” x 12,” are considerably smaller and often used as an everyday bag, purse, or travel essentials bag. Both styles include multiple exterior pockets.



What makes a KAVU bag different?

Why do people continue to seek out the KAVU brand of bags? It’s simple – because they’re cute and functional! Seriously, they come out with new prints and styles several times a year so you can always find something to fit your mood and your budget. Many KAVU bags are meant to be worn across the body, leaving you with both hands free, which is essential for adventuring. Their bags are made to be dependable and durable, but come in a wide array of bright, modern, and whimsical prints and colors. And of course, their price point won’t break the bank.



How much are KAVU bags?

The KAVU Keeper bag is $35 and the Rope and Rope Sling bags are $50. KAVU brand bags range from $25 for a basic tote bag to $120 for a high-end adventure backpack.



Ever wondered how to wash a KAVU bag?

The team at KAVU recommends spot cleaning your KAVU bag with plain, cold water when a light cleaning is in order. If your bag is in need of a more heavy-duty cleaning, gently hand wash it in cold water with a mild laundry soap that does not contain bleach. Air dry your KAVU bag at room temperature. Avoid drying in direct sunlight to minimize fading.



Difference Between KAVU Rope Bag and Sling Bag

What the heck is the difference between a KAVU rope sling bag and a KAVU rope bag? We answered this above, but in case you missed it, here you go: the only difference between a KAVU Rope Sling bag and a KAVU Rope bag is the material it’s made from. KAVU Rope bags are made from a rugged cotton canvas; KAVU Rope Sling bags are made from a durable polyester material, which allows the bag to be water resistant.



No matter how you KAVU, we’ve got a bag you’ll love. We carry more than 6 styles in tons of different designs, from the newest patterns to hard-to-find prints. Let us help you find your next KAVU on or at one of our almost 30 locations across the Southeast.