A Case for Giving

We often look at luggage from the perspective of the world traveler. We talk about varying features, we discuss style comparisons and we even give advice on finding a bag that makes for a perfect fit.

But the reality is luggage can carry a much deeper meaning beyond travel — and a deeper meaning for the people you’d probably least expect.

That’s why we’ve chosen to be a part of A Case for Giving, an initiative from Briggs & Riley that aims to give new life to gently used luggage from around the world.


How it Works

From February 9th through the 28th, anyone with an old suitcase can trade it in for a credit toward a new Briggs & Riley rolling bag. The standard trade-in value for bags is $50, but anyone trading in an old Briggs & Riley bag receives a $100 credit. Only one credit is allowed toward each purchase.

All we require is that the bags are in usable condition — what we like to call “gently used.” We also require that they are roller suitcases and that they offer a decent amount of room for storage, meaning no rollerbriefs or laptop bags. Owners can trade their luggage in at any of our Mori Luggage & Gifts locations.

The initiative’s focus is to bring much-needed luggage to organizations like foster homes, battered women’s shelters and other organizations such as local Ronald McDonald House chapters. A secondhand bag can go a long way in helping someone in need, and Briggs & Riley wants to give back to the people who choose to play their part.

Briggs & Riley proudly states that its products are engineered for reality, and this charity drive is a perfect example of exactly what that means. For them, luggage is about much more than designing an idea for innovation’s sake. It’s a matter of creating solutions that will last a lifetime — guaranteed.

It’s safe to say we’re honored to be a part of this trade-in drive, and we’d love to have you on board with what we’re doing. If you’ve thought about upgrading your luggage and want to be part of this effort, check out our Briggs & Riley selection, stop into one of our stores and make the trade.

Don’t miss out on this chance to make a difference!