What Your Luggage Says About You: Graduation Edition

Throwing graduation caps in the air

As graduates prepare to make the next move in their lives, you want them to step out with their best foot forward. That’s why luggage has been one of the most popular gifts for graduates for many years. Wherever their hopes, dreams or luck may take them, you want to make sure that they can move to and fro with grace and charm. Here are a few suggestions for the lucky grad in your family.

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Memorial Day Getaway


While the first day of summer is officially June 21, for most of us, it all starts Memorial Day weekend. The first three-day weekend of the season, it’s our chance to let loose and have fun. And while the beach is always an inviting location, it can get to be monotonous after a while. With the rest of the summer to hang by the pool, we’ve come up with a few alternative getaways that are a little off the beaten path but will be no less fun and exciting.



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Road Tripping: The Outer Banks


If you’re stoked for summer and itching for a road trip, then you might want to add Outer Banks, North Carolina to your travel bucket list. With 200 miles of coastline, you will have plenty of personal space to go out and be one with nature. Unless you plan on spending all of your time at fine dining establishments with your pinky up while wearing a monocle, you can kick back in some jeans, a t-shirt and sandals for most of your trip. Springtime and summertime are the prime times for travel, especially when you’re venturing to the coast.

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