Office Gifts


Everyone has someone at their job they think is pretty special. A cubicle buddy, work spouse or mentor, these people make our lives better either through guidance, putting in some extra effort on a project or just making the day go a little faster.

And, when showing your gratitude to these magical co-workers, you want to give them something a little more special than a mug with the company logo. Here are a few token items that show your appreciation, while staying under the company price cap on gifts.


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What Your Luggage Says About You


Whether you realize it or not, your luggage is more than a rectangular container to carry your shoes, slacks and “I LOVE XYZ” souvenir t-shirts. It’s a peek into your soul. You’re instinctively drawn to luggage that speaks to your own special personality and charm. It lets us in on those little quirks you hope no one notices, but everyone appreciates about you. When you factor in all the brands, styles and features available for a simple suitcase, backpack or weekend duffel, your luggage says more about your image, your lifestyle and your true self than you could ever imagine.

So… what does your favorite piece of luggage say about you?

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Family Vacations: Spring Break and Beyond


image courtesy of e r j k p r u n c z y k


Spring break is a special time of year when the weather starts to get nice, inspiring people to cut loose and enjoy some sunshine after spending all winter cooped up indoors. While spring break is often associated with college students, it is also a great time for families to bond. Create some wonderful family memories this spring using one of these fun and kid-friendly vacation ideas.


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