This is not a traditional travel vest! The Scottevest is the best travel item around. Now you can comfortably carry everything you want with you, including an iPad, in this vest with 24 hidden pockets. The Weight Management System™ balances the load and the NoBulge™ Pockets keep a streamlined look. Airport security becomes a breeze: just take off the vest and send it through the x-ray with all your gear safely stored inside. It holds so much, you’ll feel like you got an exception to the one carry-on rule. The lightweight, breathable brushed cotton material is thin enough to control your iPod® right through the fabric. Teflon® treatment repels water and stains. You’ll love it so much, you’ll wear it everyday.  Available at


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Painted Glass Nail Files

There are alot of different nail files out on the market, but the ones made by 95 and Sunny are superior to all others. They are the only glass files guaranteed to never wear out or wear down. You can use them on natural or artificial nails. With continued use, they reduce chipping, peeling and splitting of natural nails. Each design is an original work of art created by an Arizona artist. The files come in three sizes and each comes with a protective sheath.

15 3 pc. Hand Painted Colored Sets in Plastic